Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hulk, Smash!

   Smashing:  We do two types of smashing right now.  1) We smash ourselves and others, mostly at daycare.  2) And we smash our food.  When we get about halfway through the meal, Lilah starts to repeatedly pound her food in the high chair.  I think she's aware that Rooney prefer's his leftovers minced.  Otherwise, she gets a kick out of watching those goldfish crackers buckle under the weight of her fist and the pieces flying to every corner of the kitchen. This certainly isn't an Otto trait.  It must be Ben's side.  I was a very tidy, neat eater.  Ben... well, let's be honest, he enjoys eating.  A boy doesn't get a favorite holiday of Thanksgiving for no reason!  ;)
  At daycare, Lilah is the leading child for incident reports.  We were concerned at first, but acceptance is key.  For a few months, we were getting 1-2 per day.  They consisted of black eyes, many bruises, falling over play kitchens, falling onto other children, holding too many things in her hands and falling... it goes on and on.  Keep in mind, this daycare has been around for awhile and has probably close to 60 kids in it... so to be the all-time-ever-leader-in-incident-reports is saying something.  Yikes.  Luckily the incident reports have trended down... for now...
   She now takes off her bib.  Bibs are for babies.  Lilah's a big girl.  Big girls are entitled to get food all over their clothes, arms, faces, and hair.  Big girls get big baths, too.  We miss the days of bibs.
    Shoes.  Shoes are big too.  We take them off instantly.  We eat them.  We put them on.  We take them off.
    Still not talking other than something that sort of sounds like "wuz dat?"  Occasionally a "dada" but that's about it.

Practicing for the big pool

Friday, April 18, 2014

Chicka Chicka Birthday Boom Boom

I got this.

      Her birthday party was great!  What a fantastic weekend!  She shares her birthday with Rooney, so it was a joint doggie party of sorts too.  Popper's bday was the day before the party... so it was one GRAND celebration! We had grandparents, a great-grandma, an uncle Trev, friends, rum cake, minion cake, and lots of great Lilah moments.  Her grandpas and uncle made us laugh playing games with her like racing, chair spinning, ball pit playing, and attempting to feed her!  There was a doggy cake and a Minnion themed Lilah cake.  The blue frosting, I think added a nice touch when smeared against Lilah's skin.  Her aunt, Joelle and UncMan Andy sent her a super adorable birthday outfit that was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom themed and matching tutu. Yea.  Way cute.   We enjoyed some NCAA tournament games, walks outside, swinging in the park for the first time and lvoed spending time together as a family!  The grandparents are definitely paying Ben and I back for some sort of trauma we caused them as children though because they brought the loudest and largest toys on the planet to the Nelson House for Lilah's bday.  We now have a very large horse on spring cables named Trigger, a big red wagon, a ball pit with 50 balls and many more noisy toys to add to our house of random animal noises and screeching children's songs.  But Lilah seems to love them all!  Praise be the day that all of those toys batteries run out and every ball stays in the ball tent.
Double Birthday Lilah + Poppers Madness

This will be no trouble at all...
In case you have any adults you need entertained, Lilah says to send them over
Don't be jealous.  Not everyone can look as fabulous covered in blue frosting.
Newest Neighborhood Radio Flyer!
4 Generations-- pretty neat!
We give this thing two thumbs up!

Go Baby Go!

Lilah has been a crazy adorable baby these last few months, less baby more practicing toddler.  We had a 1 year bday party that showed off her fantastic grin, adorable cackle, phenomenal racing skills while pushing a walker and of course, cake smashing skills.  To say this girl is a talented show-off is an understatement.  She is a walker and runner extraordinaire.  She literally was running at 11 months of age.  This had nothing to do with the 6-10 bruises you could find on her head at any time during this stage...  She has figured out how to make her parents laugh endlessly at her with peekaboo, smearing food on her hair, laughing with her sweet sweet laugh and too many other things to count.  Lilah has started coloring also and we have filled the side of our refrigerator with charming scribbles from our beautiful babe.  Every day at daycare we show up with a glowing report of Lilah's day but also some funny story of how they all made them laugh- whether it was a screaming match with Sam (her buddy!), growling at all the babies on the floor, or giving the back door zoobers for an hour.  We love this little girl!
The art of the stacker... we're still learning that one
We do cute cars and pushing toys all over pretty well
Look who's the remote master now?!
Nothing but another day in paradise
With her buds Aria and Susie

Nelson's Defeated.

I apologize for falling off the face of the planet the last few months.  We have been plagued over the last few months with extremely busy rotations, non-stop teething, very little sleep, schedules changing without any advance notice, multiple colds/infections and overall way too much to do!  So, needless to say, the blog fell last on the list.  My mom even had to fly out once for an "Emergency Gramma Life Lift" that was the breath of life our family needed to push through this challenging time.  Overall though, we ended up getting Gramma Otto way sick and she was antibiotics for weeks ang multiple doctors appts to fix herself up after getting contaminated in the Nelson house.  Sorry, Gramma Otto :(  But I think she still had a little fun!

 The mommy guilt was overtaking me in those months with me getting to spend <1.5 hours every other day with Lilah for about 2 months straight.  It had been weeks since we read her a book. She was spending 12+ hours at daycare per day.  At the last minute I got scheduled to work a 30 hr shift not only on her birthday but also for her birthday party weekend.  It was crushing Mommy blow that definitely took it's toll on me.  I rarely cry, but this was one of those times where I was inconsolable at the thought of missing so many important events when I already miss so many.  Luckily a hero of another resident who has kids himself switched me a shift so I could be there for the weekend of her party.  It's the little things in this life and the people who understand them.  Life has been better over the last 2 weeks now that we're workign less than 90 hours a week and actually sleeping in our beds more than 3 nights a week!  Life is good.  We can't wait for residency to be over!  

We did have a little fun... we snuck up to Chicago to see Casey, Paola and Sofia Holmes before the new baby arrives!  We enjoyed a super cold Metro ride downtown to the Art Museum.  It was so cute to see Lilah and Sofia play together!  We also went to Columbus for a day to see Jenna and Jake Van Pelt's newest addition, Baby Ryan!

Sofia and Lilah, pretty gosh darn cute!
On the Metro...The Coolest People in Chicago (plus the person behind the camera)

It was pretty darn cold... and chewy
The Boys and The Babes @ the Chicago Art Museum

Monday, January 27, 2014

Toots McGoots Claps in her Boots

Official first word: "dada".  It is actually very touching.  No better way to make your heart smile.  Unofficial first word: "aye" as in "hi" but no "h". Pretty darn cute when accompanied by a wave.  Her grandmas very efficiently taught Lilah how to wave over Christmas, now she's a waving maniac.  She prefers to wave to inamimate objects, like our stairs, walls, and doors, but occasionally she'll wave to a person on command.  She gleefully shrieks at Rooney every time she sees him.  He tolerates way more than he should have to, but bless his heart.  There have been a few more "incidents" with minor altercations between Rooney and Lilah and we have now resolved to mostly keep them separate until she's 18.  Poor Roo, the days of being an only child are at an end, but he's still top dog.

She even steals his toys... :(

Furry Books: We are making an active effort to read to Lilah more often.  She takes no enjoyment in reading books right now unless they are touch-n-feel or she can bang it on the ground.  I'm taking this pretty hard and am just praying that she graduates first grade.  In order to entice her to read, Ben has tapped into one of his new found skill sets.   Ben makes very authentic animal sounds, especially highlighting his cow and elephant noises.  Very impressive.   Lilah gets a wide eyed face like she is shocked at the authenticity also..  Well done, Ben.

Toots McGoots: Toots McGoots is Lilah's new knickname when she's being a stinker.  (This includes high pitched screeching into Rooney's face, standing up and trying to dance while in the bathtub, and overall impish grins at both of us.)  Daddy also caved recently and bought Toots McGoots some pink furry boots.  Yes, we love rhyming!  But the boots really are cute.
Our boots look. ( Dad worked hard at this matching outfit... improving!)

Totally normal way to brush our hair. Completely normal.

Our no boots look.

Learning "no": We might be on to something here.  Then again, we might not.  Sometimes she looks at us, stops what she's doing and does something else.  Sometimes, she grins at us, goes back to what she's doing and looks back to grin again.  Jury's still out.

Nap time?  Yeah right, Mom.

Growing up: It's still not allowed.  I had a little emotional meltdown this past weekend when I realized how quickly she's becoming a little person.  She had two firsts within 2 days and I just couldn't believe how special and wonderful she is.  She started clapping for the first time surrounded by her loyal fans, Uncle Jeff and Auntie Carrie Miller, while watching their beloved KU basketball game.  Quite an audience.  Monkey see, monkey do :)  KU also won, so thankfully everyone was still happy.  She also started standing indepently for long periods of time.  No steps yet... but it won't be long now.  Even harder than worrying about your children is starting to let them grow.  This hasn't been as hard on Ben, but he'll have his moments some day too...
Clapping for 1st time!

Snow Day

Zoom zoom zoom
Fun things: Celebrated Ben's bday with some birthday mousse and Pioneer Woman calzones.  Why not?!  Special birthdays involve a little lap lady helping to cheer us on blowing out our candles.  We also have been very thankful to our friends this month for allowing us to go on not one but TWO dates!  Butler University basketball game and a dinner out (with residency applicants... but still counts!) at the iconic Harry & Izzy's downtown.  Loved it!  We even very guiltily left Lilah at daycare one afternoon for a few extra hours and saw a movie.  Gulp.  It felt nice too.  I feel so happenin'.

My two favorite people in this world!  Happy Birthday, Ben!

Butler v. Georgetown... Barryball!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Fevers, Toys, Weddings and Polar Vortexes

Name that disease:  We are well on our way to acquiring most of the childhood illnesses this month.  This is her 3rd fever in 4 weeks.  Roseola. Hand foot mouth.  Diarrhea/vomiting illness.  We do good work.  We try to very efficiently cover all of our illnesses, not missing any.  To support this, my mom owns her own bottle of infant tylenol since this is now the 3rd time Lilah has gotten sick at her house.  To make matters more difficult, daycare insisted that Lilah stay home for an entire week following her hand-foot-mouth illness.  Can I order up one grandma, please?!  A week?  Out of work?!  What?  But we figured it out and luckily I was doing night shifts in the ER for most of the week.  Our little booger is trying to get us fired :)  She'd love that... more play time.... and so would I!   

Christmas: Let me just say the grandmas got a little ridiculous on this one.  We have one spoiled little lady... but who cares, it's fun!  And there's plenty more room for more pink things in this house.  I don't know how many more talking/singing toys we can have, but we have a few more now.  In addition, we turn off our lights at night to go to bed and immediately hear animal noises.  We just now (3 weeks later) figured out one of the puzzles is light responsive.  Geniuses.  We also have a Lilah-sized baby stoller that is a riot- complete with baby, pacifier and stick shift.  Another favorite is a new singing soccer ball, hello Kitty ornament, a wagon scooter, and a fuzzy chair with her name on it.  Lilah is also one of fashion's rising stars after some very cute additions to her wardrobe from both Grandmas and Jen. We had too much fun seeing relatives, playing with toys, eating home cooked food and enjoying time in the Good Life, Nebraska.  And I don't think she could have any more adoring uncles.  Between her 4 uncles, this kid is set for life with funny face, plenty-o-hugs and 4 great role models.  Well, mostly great role models :)  (They're our brothers after all...  who else taught us to be naughty?!)
Thanks Ty, we know you're cute!

New Xmas present from Gramma

UncMan Chris... daddy to be!
Taking the baby for a walk

Baby New Year's:  We know some cute kids.  Their parents are pretty cool too.  H-man (Harrison) is a pretty handsome guy.  I asked his mom, Veronica, if it would be ok to arrange a marriage between Harrison and Lilah now, she's holding out on answering me for now.  I think she's waiting to see if Lilah tolerates beautiful golden curly hair and witty jokes before agreeing.  Harrison had us in stitches all night making fish sounds and staying up into the wee hours past the other kids.  A New Year's with babies takes on a whole new identity, but we had a great time laughing, swapping parenting stories and re-hashing the days where we stayed up until midnight on New Year's.
They had absolutely no fun together

Take 1 of all the babies
Take 2- Sidney rocking it out in the middle, surrounded by amateurs
(Harrison-11 months, Kennedy 2 months, Sidney 2 years, Cole-11 months, Lilah- 9 months)

Saw our bud, Gavin, before New Year's Party

UncMan Gets Married: Uncle Andy (Ben's brother) married a lovely lady named, Joelle, on Jan 4th. We are big fans of Aunt Joelle.  Who gets Christmas and a new aunt all in one week?!  They were married on a chilly weekend in Fairbury, Nebraska, but we had a great time!  We got to see family and watching these lovebirds tie the knot!  Many congrats!  They are moving up to Sioux City, IA, starting new jobs and raising a new puppy.  No biggie. Lilah sort of made it through the wedding.   She started happily screeching from the 2nd row, so a grandparent rescue mission ensued.  Unfortunately, the "quiet room" my dad took her to was the room directly behind the altar, so we still heard her laughing, screeching and giggling.  But she had a great time!  She partied the reception away dancing with her grandparents, great grandparents and meeting more friends. We loved seeing her giggle, smile and charm her way through the day!
Beautiful :)

Family Time

Flirting with the Groom, Uncle Andy

Gramma and Popper Otto

Nana and Papa at the rehearsal

Nana and Papa at the wedding

Taylor-Nelson Family

Scary Car Ride:  Why we did it, I still don't know.  Wish we would've stayed, but once you start, you just find yourself keep going.  We attempted to drive overnight after the wedding through northern Kansas and Missouri during the "Polar Vortex" Blizzard.  We timed it pretty poorly and hit the heaviest part of the storm and essentially drove with it through all of Missouri and Illinois.  Poor visibility, single lanes, too much snow for a Hyundai Sonata to handle and a 14 hr drive on no sleep.  Dumb thing for a family with a baby and a dog in the car to attempt.  Only one 911 call later, we were in our driveway exhausted, but safe.  We had to call for a driver who mistakenly was driving against traffic the wrong way on the highway in the snow and eventually crashed in a ditch.  Yikes.  Not a good night to need an emergency crew.  Ben is tougher than I am in these situations, thank goodness he calmed me down.  Home was even sweeter that day.  Bless all those who drive on bad roads.
Polar vortexes are fed by bread, lots and lots of bread

On a side note, we've had so much snow here, it feels like Nebraska!  They cancel school so often, the kids are already paying back days... that's the worst!  Snow in Indiana is like snow in Florida, it causes city-wide panic, massive traffic chaos and a eruption of immediate school closures and delays. The ER has been shockingly deserted over the last few weeks due to weather.  Rooney on the other hand thinks it's the coolest thing that's happened to his backyard since getting a doggy door.  Lilah's marshmallow puff coat has kept her uber warm, but smushes her in her car seat like a little sardine.
Our puffy marshmallow!

Christmas Day with friends

Christmas Eve dress, Not happy about the Santa delay